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Über unsere Schüler

Jedes Jahr wählen mehr als 2.000 Schüler aus 60 verschiedenen Ländern Olé Languages, um Spanisch zu lernen. Eine spannende Mischung aus Nationalitäten und Kulturen, die das Lernen bei Olé zu einer einzigartigen interkulturellen Erfahrung macht.

Die Mehrzahl unserer Schüler kommt aus den verschiedenen Ländern Europas, aber zu uns kommen Schüler von allen Kontinenten. 16% kommen aus Deutschland, 11% aus Italien und 10% aus Frankreich. Dann 9% aus dem Vereinigten Königreich, Russland (6%), den USA (6%), Brasilien (4%), Schweden (3%), Australien (3%), den Niederlanden (3%), China (3%), usw.
Lese hier, was unsere Schüler über uns zu berichten haben!!!

Schülerin mimi
Mimi Sajin
South Africa

I have attended numerous language schools in various countries, but I can guarantee that I profited the most from Olé Languages. Not only is the standard extremely high and professional, but the atmosphere is welcoming and so fulfilling that I felt at home. The teachers are highly trained, attentive, caring and approachable. Attending this school was the best possible route I could have chosen to take to perfect my Spanish and simultaneously to have a rich cultural life.

barcelona Schülerin anna
Intensive Course 20
Anna Melkova

За девять месяцев обучения на интенсивном курсе испанского в Olé я успела познакомиться почти со всеми преподавателями школы. Всех их объединяет любовь к языку, огромное желание поделиться своими знаниями и высокий уровень профессионализма. При этом каждый обладает уникальной энергетикой, своими «фишками» и оригинальным подходом. Все это в сочетании с уютной атмосферой, приветливым ресепшном и техническим оснащением дало мне возможность чувствовать себя, как дома и получить максимум эффекта от занятий. Muchas gracias, Olé!!!

Schüler antonyan
Long Term Intensive Course
Art Antonyan

I took a one-year intensive course of Spanish at Ole Languages. It has been one of the most positive and interesting learning experiences in my life so far. All the teachers are super professional and friendly. I was fully immersed in the Spanish speaking and cultural environment. Every day I discovered new peculiarities of the language, enjoyed sapid conversations and funny activities and mastered grammar. And now the Spanish door of the world is open for me. ¡Gracias Ole!

Spanischkurse Schüler  mirko
Semi-intensive Course 10
Mirko Costa

Before moving to Barcelona I found the semi-intensive course of Ole Languages in the internet, and it seemed very appealing to me. After my first day there I even felt more welcome in this wonderful city. All the stuff there, from the secretary to the teachers are very open and talkative, which provides a perfect ambient to learn a new language. I loved the different ways of teaching, and generally I learned a lot, from different expressions/grammar/vocabulary to many advices of places not only in Barcelona but all around Spain! I saw my Spanish skills improving fast, as you are only asked to speak in no other language then Spanish inside the classrooms :) And besides all that, it is a perfect place to get to know different people from all around the world. I would recommend the school 100%! :)

nogueira Intensivkurs Schüler
Alexandre Nogueira

I think that the Conversation classes of Olé are very helpful for you build your confidence and feel comfortable to practice outside the school. I had classes with most of the teachers in the school, and they all are extremely active to bring the student along with the conversation and engage in the class, besides having a great dynamic way of teaching. The themes of the Conversation classes always matches with the students interests and you can propose a subject for debating in the class too. I strongly recommend for anyone who is really trying to improve his Spanish

Sprachschule barcelona Schülerin manuela
Semi-intensive Course 10
Manuela Tirri

Ricominciare a studiare dopo una certa età potrebbe sembrare un'impresa ma...non se stai pensando di apprendere lo spagnolo in Olè Lenguages! Qui ho seguito un corso semi intensivo raggiungendo il livello B2 grazie ad un metodo chiaro e comprensibile ma allo stesso tempo divertente! Situata nel quartiere , a mio parere, più esclusivo di Barcellona i questa scuola ho conosciuto gente proveniente da tutto il mondo, con motivazioni diverse e di tutte le età! Ho cambiato diversi professori ma tutti mi sono rimasti nel cuore come del resto tutto lo staff. La loro cordialità e professionalità, le attività extra scolastiche, unite ad i loro meravigliosi sorrisi mi hanno fatta sentire a casa facendomi innamorare letteralmente di questa lingua! Lo spagnolo a Barcellona? SOLO PRESSO OLE!!!

Schülerin spanien julie
Julie Noce

Hola! I'm Julie, a 44 year old Chicago native. I have been taking classes on and off here since the fall of 2017. I love this place! I have had nearly every teacher at least once and can say unequivocally- these guys are great! There's lots of diversity amongst the staff - everyone brings something different to class. Not to speak of the kindness- especially in coping with my language related anxieties. The management was wonderful also: super flexibility with my schedule and were always willing to find solutions if needed. In short- great school, great teachers, great staff. Highly recommended ���� .

Spanishkurs in spanien Schülerin marta
Marta Denisiuk

Praca w pełnym wymiarze i wieczorowy kurs hiszpańskiego wydawał mi się małym wyzwaniem. W rzeczywistości, po całym dniu pracy czekałam na swoje zajęcia! Olé posiada świętna kadrę pracowników a ludzie, których poznałam na zajęciach są mega interesujący i wymiana opinii z nimi, z pewnością poszerza horyzonty! Gorąco polecam tę szkołę- w niecały rok nauki, od poziomu 0, osiągnęłam poziom B1 I wreszcie mogę rozmawiać z lokalnymi ludźmi!

Schülerin peiran
Peiran Zhang

I was looking for a Spanish school not only serious but also interesting, Olé is exactly what I was looking for, like a big family, the teachers are very friendly and interesting. but we didn't play all the time, 9 months of studying here make my Spanish improved a lot, during the time I attended the class of preparaing DELE too, it was difficult but the teacher was good and had a lot experience, we practiced over and over again, finally I passed DELE B2. Olé is fantastic, a very great school for you to studying Spanish and knowing the culture of Spain

Schüler chao
Chao Yan

Este curso de preparación del DELE es muy útil para aprobar el examen DELE. El profesor es muy simpático y profesional, me enseñó las claves del examen, y las cosas más importantes a tener en cuenta en el examen. Además el profesor tiene mucha paciencia para enseñarnos, me lo pasé muy bien en este curso y con el profesor.

barcelona Schüler amir
Amir Hossein

Excellent. Olé provides an amazing environment for students to learn spanish. The teachers and staff are superb in knowledge and skills. You never get bored or bullied! I have been going to Olé after work to learn spanish for many months and I am so motivated to continue with Olé.

kaci Schüler barcelona
Nickie Kelly

My teacher is excellent and I look forward to my classes each week. The classes seem to fly by as I am being taught in an enjoyable and relaxed way. There is a great atmosphere about the school that I have not come across in any of the other bigger schools I went to visit. I particularly enjoy the evening, cultural activities that are provided as an added extra, they are great fun.

clem Schüler spanien
Jan-Willem Runhaar

De afgelopen 5 weken heb ik veel geleerd, maar vooral ook veel gezelligheid ervaren. De interactie tussen de leraar en de leerlingen is hier groot: er is veel ruimte om vragen te stellen en gesprekken te voeren over alledaagse dingen. Hierdoor kregen we als klas een band en gingen we ook na schooltijd veel met elkaar om. Deze talenschool is echt een aanrader voor iedereen die zoekt naar een cursus Spaans in Barcelona!