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Sprachkurs in Barcelona – Sprachreise Spanisch – Sprachschule Barcelona

  Sprachschule in barcelona  Sprachkurs in barcelona  Sprachreise in Spanien  Sprachreisen Barcelona  Lerne Spanisch in Spanien
  Corsi Spagnolo Barcellona  →スペインのスペイン語コース  Escola de espanhol Barcelona  Cours d'espagnol barcelone  Курсы испанского в Барселоне


Let’s be amigos is a simple idea with no strings attached:  If you enjoyed learning Spanish with us and recommend the school to friends and colleagues you and your amigos will get a discount on any Spanish course if they use your personal Olé promotion code to enrol.

No requirements:  All you need is a promocode and to spread the word. If you did not receive a little card with your personal 8-digit code when you were studying at Olé you can query it via email right here.

5% Discount for your friends:  If your friends enrol for a course (online or directly at the school) using your promocode they will receive a 5% discount on the course price no matter how many weeks they study or what type of course they sign up for. All they need to do is put the code in the designated field on the enrolment form and the 5% are automatically deducted from the course price.

5% Discount For You:  For each friend of yours who enrols 5% of their course price are credited to your account. An example: Let’s say your friend Freddie signs up for a four weeks intensive course that normally costs 428 Euros. Friend Freddie gets a 5% discount and only pays 407 Euros instead of the normal price and at the same time we will book 21 Euros to your “Amigos” account. With each friend who enrols for a course the equivalent of 5% of the original course price are automatically added to your balance.

Your “Amigos” Credits:  Whenever a friend of yours signs up for a Spanish course we will notify you via email about your new account balance and with each “amigo” who enrols your credit grows. You can decide at any time that you would like that credit to be deducted from another Spanish course at Olé. And you have the option, once your account balance has reached the 50 Euro benchmark, to have the money paid to you in cash (if you are in Barcelona) or transferred to your bank account (if you are back home or travelling the world).

Who can take part?
Any student who has been or is studying at Olé Languages.

Are there any strings attached?
There are no strings attached. You receive a discount, your friends receive a discount and we from Olé are happy to have more students coming to the school.

How long is the credit valid?
For 1 year.

The Small Print
Rule I
The Let's Be Amigos discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
Rule II
You can only invite your friends AFTER you have started the course.
Rule III
The rules of the game may be subject to change.


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F.A.Q - Spanisch Barcelona
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Milica Sajin
I can guarantee that I
profited the most from the Spanish course at Olé Languages...
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Spanisch lernt sich am
Schnellsten, wenn man es mit Muttersprachlern übt
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Spanish course in Barcelona - Språkresa till Barcelona - Sprachreisen Spanisch Barcelona - Cursos de español en España
Cursus in Spaans in Barcelona - Corsi di spagnolo a Barcellona - Curso de espanhol em Barcelona - Espanha - Etudie l'espagnol à Barcelone
スペインのスペイン語コース - школы испанский в Барселоне

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